Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging

Rentfreeze: 10 years of rent increase is enough!

Rents have increased by more than 35% over the past 10 years. More than 800,000 tenants are left with too little money for the necessary costs and living expenses after paying the rent. Action group 'Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging' (We Refuse Rentraise) is therefore fighting for a multi-year rent freeze (2022-2026) to make housing affordable again, and to keep it that way for everyone.

Action is needed to make this possible. Action group Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging helps tenants to organize themselves. Sign up now to refuse the proposal of rent increase in 2022. In addition, you can also donate, so that in the coming year we can bring this campaign to the attention of as many tenants as possible and enforce a multi-year rent freeze! 

Action material

From now on, anyone who refuses the rent increase or supports our action can order action material from de Rode Lap! There are posters, stickers and flyers available to show your entire neighborhood that you refuse the rent increase this year!

step-by-step plan - Refuse the rent increase 2022

Click on the arrow to read a detailed explanation per step. Prefer the complete step-by-step plan as a clear PDF? Download here in Dutch or in English

before July 1st

You can sign up for the action alone or together with your street, neighborhood, resident committee or tenants association using this form on our website.

Note: This step-by-step plan refers to the July 1st rent increase in the social rental sector. If your rent increase takes effect on a different date, there are different deadlines that apply. Are you renting in the private sector? Then not all the steps in this step-by-step plan apply to your case. You can still participate in the action and put pressure on your landlord and politicians. If you have questions about this? Contact us.

You can arrange this immediately with our standard letter (download pdf)! Fill in the letter and send it by e-mail or post to your landlord. Feel free to ask for a confirmation of receipt. Make sure that you stop the direct debit before mid-June .

Note: Note: It is important that you continue to pay the current rent until 1 July 2022. Stopping the direct debit will not change the rent payment until July 1, 2022.

Before May 1st 2022, you will receive in writing from your landlord the proposal for a rent adjustment: in practice almost always a rent increase. This letter states the new proposed rent as of 1 July 2022. You will also read that you can submit a notice of objection to your landlord before July 1, 2022. To be able to participate in our action, we strongly discourage you from doing so because it is not compulsory, it reduces your chances of success and it results in unnecessary paperwork. If you receive the proposal for a rent increase after May 1st, Contact us.

Continue to pay the old rent after July 1. Arrange a new automatic transfer of the entire rent amount you paid before July 1, 2022, using online banking. The start date of this automatic transfer should be July 1, 2022 (or the day you are used to paying the rent). This ensures that you continue to pay the old rent amount and prevents you from accumulating rent arrears.

Also set up an automatic transfer of the amount of the rent increase to your savings account. By putting the saved money aside from July 2022, you can avoid any future debts, see step 9.

After July 1st

You have already taken the most important steps! Please note that you are not doing anything that it is illegal. You can always stop participating in our action and reverse the steps mentioned above. Read what the Legal Counter (Juridisch Loket) has to say about the legal possibility of refusing a rent increase.

From experience we know that these first steps might be scary for some tenants. It is therefore advised to maintain regular contact in order to support each other in this action. We will continue pushing the action and demands to landlords and politicians through media and direct actions.

From July 1st you continue to pay the old rent and put the amount of the rent increase into your savings account each month, as described above. Your landlord's rent collection agency might notice that you have not paid the rent increase and send you an automatically issued payment reminder. The collection agency might send you a payment reminder for the rent arrears. The landlord or the collection agency does not have a legal basis on sending a reminder. Therefore, you are not in debt arrears.

The landlord might continue to send regular payment reminders whose tone can become increasingly threatening. These letters have no legal basis. 1st reminder, 2nd reminder, demand, last warning, pass on data to the municipality, pass on data to the collection agency, threaten with a bailiff: landlords are persistent and intimidating, while these letters are not permitted by law: after all, you are not in debt arrears.

It is also possible that your landlord contacts you by telephone about your “debt” and attempt to negotiate payments. You only have to say that you are not in debt arrears and that the landlord needs to sort this out internally.

If you have not submitted a notice of objection to your landlord before July 1 and you have not paid the rent increase, the landlord can only do one thing. They have to send you a registered letter within three months after July 1 (so before October 1st of that year). In this letter, the landlord repeats his rent increase proposal from the the 1st May. This is the legal route the landlord must follow in order to obtain the rent increase. The letter is registered because the landlord must be able to prove to the Rent Commission at a later date that the tenant was aware of the proposal.

If your landlord is too late in sending a registered letter or if you do not hear from him before October 1st the rent increase as of 1 July will legally NOT take place. Congratulations, you have successfully refused the rent increase!

If you refuse the rent increase the landlord must submit the rent increase to the Rent Commission (Huurcommissie), but after October 1 that option is no longer available. Your rent will therefore remain the same this year.

If your landlord does send a registered before October 1st, then as a tenant you have to decide what to do:

  • Either you decide to pay the rent increase retroactively. To do this, use the money that you have put aside in your savings account since 1 July.
  • Or the tenant decides to submit a petition to the Rent Commission (Huurcommissie) (see next step).

If you decide in the previous step to go to the Huurcommissie, you must submit a petition before November 1st. If necessary, contact your own tenants' organization for help with filing a petition.

The costs for filing an application with the Huurcommissie are 25 euros and, as a tenant, you will receive an invoice for this. Tenants on social assistance benefits or similar income may be exempt from paying the 25 euros. Consider the legal fees as the only, one-time costs for participating in our action.

Now that you have notified the Huurcommissie, you will have to wait for their response. The Rent Commission can ask you to send additional documents, make a presiding decision or summon you to a hearing. Even then you can contact your tenants' organization for support or report this to us.


This website provides a step-by-step plan for formally refusing a rent increase. As a tenant, you remain responsible in all cases for the steps you take or have taken when refusing a rent increase. The initiators of this website accept no liability in any form whatsoever.


In the coming period, we will organize online webinars to inform residents and tenants' associations about the possibilities of organizing the 'Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging' action in your neighborhood. Want to know more? Sign up through the form! 




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      Action material

      From now on, anyone who refuses the rent increase or supports our campaign can order promotional material via the Rode Lap! Posters, stickers and flyers are available to show your entire neighborhood that you're refusing the rent increase this year!

      We have made the flyers available for free to reach as many people as possible and to make it possible for everyone to organize a flyer action locally. Organize together with your neighbours, association or action group and spread the word!



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