July 1, 2023: The tenant action officially starts!

01/07/23 – It's the 1st of July: the tenant action has officially started! The month of the rent increase has arrived. Politicians and our landlords have again failed to freeze rents this year in order to make and keep housing affordable again. Even after the abolition of the landlord levy, which has come directly from the wallets of social tenants, no compensation or tax relief has been forthcoming, while inflation reached record highs and fewer and fewer people make ends meet at the end of the month.

Paste plasters

Instead of a structural rent freeze, a plaster has been stuck on an arterial bleeding once: rent reduction for the very lowest incomes. Nice, for once, to somewhat accommodate the weakest tenants after years of exploitation policy. But a cigar from its own box and part of a divide and conquer tactic to keep the mutual solidarity of tenants and the discussion about the rent increase quiet for 1 year. In addition, there is to finance this one-off rent reduction, again announced a reduction in the rent allowance! So even if you have not received a rent increase this year, join the fight for a multi-year rent freeze and show solidarity with your fellow tenants. Because if it is up to politicians, the budget for reducing the burden of tenants will always be knocked out of the pocket of the tenants themselves. 

Tenants' movement for multi-year rent freeze

We and the thousands of applicants since the start of this campaign are not leaving it at that! This year too, our campaign has ensured that more and more people object to the rent increase by not paying it. Rent increase refusers; good luck! Do you have questions or problems after refusing the rent increase? read the step-by-step plan well done, look at the frequently asked questions page 'FAQ the rent increase', or ask your questions to one of the local groups. Are you stuck? Then we will answer your question via info@negerendehuurverhuur.nl

In the meantime, we are building a solidary movement of tenants throughout the year, where mutual aid, knowledge exchange about tenancy law and direct action against excessive rents are central.

Therefore, after July 1, join one of our solidarity networks in Amsterdam, The Hague, Den Bosch, Leeuwarden, Utrecht, Veenendaal, Ermelo or set up one yourself! We are happy to help you with our guide for local groups. Contact one of the local networks via the local email addresses to see what you can do:

utrecht@wijwigeerendehuurverhuur.nldenhaag@wijwigeerendehuurverhuur.nl denbosch@wijwigeerendehuurverhuur.nlamsterdam@wijwigeerendehuurverhuur.nl
 lionarden@wijwigeerendehuurverhuur.nl | ermelo@wijwigeerendehuurverhuur.nl

bound precarious forms of housing

The We Refuse the Rent Increase campaign is supported and facilitated by the Bond Precaire Woonvormen. In addition to the fight for affordable rents, do you also want to fight for housing security for everyone and contribute to the broader housing struggle? Then become a member of the BPW!