Amsterdam action meeting about the planned rent increase March 28, 2024

Did you know that the rent increase in the social sector may be as much as 5.8 % this year? Did you know that the rent increase in the private sector even amounts to 6.8%! Did you know that housing associations usually ask for the maximum rent increase? Did you know that the Netherlands has the highest rents in Europe? Did you know that the new construction of social housing is paid for, among other things, from the sale of social housing? Did you know that landlords are not obliged to give tenants insight into the costs? Did you know that in 2021 tenants will spend an average of 36.3% of their disposable income on housing costs? For buyers the average is 23.4%.

Once you know all this, it is time to take action against the rent increase

through: Tenants Network Amsterdam

Theme meeting: Rent too expensive. Rent can be reduced. Rent must be reduced.

The Amsterdam Tenants Network Association is organizing a meeting about the announced rent increase on March 28, 2024 from 7:30 PM.

Come to the networking meeting

It is important that as many tenants and active tenant groups as possible make themselves seen and heard on that evening.

Rent increases must be off the table

The rent must be reduced.
How are we going to do that?
Think about actions to prevent the rent increase from going ahead.

7.30 pm Walk-in
7.55 pm Welcome
20.00 Rent too Expensive;
presentation of revenue models in the private and social rental sector.
20.20 Discussion
8.40pm Break
20.50 Rent Down;
presentation of ideas about forms of action, such as:
Want to participate in We Refuse the Rent Increase?
Want to enforce rent reduction via the Rental Committee?
Stop rent?
File lawsuits?
Starting a media campaign?
21.10 Discussion
21.30 Drinks

Come to our meeting on March 28, from 7:30 PM in:

The Veem. Van Diemenstraat 408, Amsterdam

Register via e-mail.

Action group We refuse the rent increase

Action group WWDH has been fighting for affordable rents for a number of years. Her means of action is to refuse the annual rent increase on July 1. She has developed a 10-step plan for this. She assists tenants throughout the process of this plan, up to and including the application to the Rent Assessment Committee.

A letter from the action group We Refuse the Rent Increase

The highest rent increase in 30 years is coming in 2024, and most corporations plan to implement the maximum rent increase. This does not go down well with many tenants, in times of increasing insecurity. Corporations often do not respond to these concerns, and tenants struggle with the landlord's position of power.

The We Refuse the Rent Increase campaign offers opportunities to put extra pressure on the landlord. For example, tenants can choose not to agree to the rent increase. If the landlord does not respond, they can call en masse to collectively refuse the rent increase based on our Step-by-Step Plan. See the action group's website. Rental consultation hours The three collaborating tenants' associations Pijp, Centrum, and HBZ hold a weekly rental consultation hour: every Monday from 2-3 p.m. in Community Center Lydia, Roelofhartplein, including about the 10-step plan of the action group WWDH.

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