Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging

Newsletter #3

20/05/22 – Enthusiastic tenants are actively flyering throughout the country, registrations are pouring in daily and our campaign is widely covered in the media! Thank you to everyone who has contributed or contributed to this!

This is how Ans told Heart of the Netherlands why she refuses the rent increase, Paulien's flyer campaign in Overijssel could be seen at RTV East, was put in Den BoschGroningen, and Struggling paid attention to flyer campaigns in the local media, wrote NH News an extensive piece about refusing the rent increase and was added in a live interview the AD extensively discussed our demand for a rent freeze.

Conversation Hugo de Jonge

On Friday 13 May, the Residential Revolt action coalition, of which our action group is also a part, a hearty conversation with Minister of Housing Hugo de Jonge† Several members and tenants of Wij Weigeren de Huur Increase were present to share their concerns about the rent explosion with the minister and to convey the demand for a rent freeze. 

“Fixed charges, energy costs and other expenses are rising due to high inflation and I can hardly afford the rent anymore,” tenant Paulien Pfeiffer said in the conversation. 

Yet the minister is not prepared to freeze rents now, while more than 800,000 tenants do not have enough left over for living expenses after paying the rent. We therefore continue to call on everyone to refuse the rent increase in order to send a clear signal that housing must become affordable again!

Rent is too expensive! - Demonstration March 28 May

The announcement that many tenants will refuse the rent increase this year is causing a lot of commotion. Everywhere discussions and opinions are being formed about rent increases and the affordability of our livelihood. Nevertheless, Minister for Housing Hugo de Jonge stands by his decision not to freeze rents as of 1 July this year. To reinforce our demand for multi-year rent freezing of all rents, there is therefore organized a demonstration march in Amsterdam on 28 May† The march starts at 14:00 at the Hoogte Kadijk and runs through the center towards the Stopera on the Waterlooplein. Make sure you're there! 

Stop direct debit

An important next step to refuse the rent increase as of 1 July is to stop the direct debit of the rent payment to your landlord. Rent is often automatically debited because you have given permission for this at the beginning of the rental period. By completing and sending our standard letter to your landlord, you can easily withdraw this direct debit and ensure that your landlord does not automatically increase the rent as of 1 July.  

Download the standard letter for revocation of the direct debit here.

Promotional equipment Red Lap

The first 50,000 flyers were spread all over the country within 4 weeks! What a great result. It shows that our campaign touches a nerve and many tenants are tired of rent increases. The second 50,000 flyers have already been ordered and these are also going fast! Has there not been a flyer in your municipality yet? Organize a flyer campaign locally and inform everyone about the legal possibility to refuse the rent increase. There are also stickers and poster available, but don't wait too long!

Rent increase and overdue maintenance

Overdue maintenance is often a source of annoyance. It is understandable that you therefore want to refuse the rent increase, we often see this reflected in the applications we receive. You can follow a procedure with the Rent Assessment Committee to challenge overdue maintenance and to request a rent reduction. We recommend that you participate in our refusal campaign and also start a procedure with the Rent Assessment Committee after 1 July. Please contact us after July 1, so we can help you with that. For now you can just participate in our promotion by following the steps the step-by-step plan to follow. 


Are you considering refusing the rent increase together with us this year, or have you already registered but do you still have questions? Then sign up for one of our Webinars! The next one is on Thursday 2 June from 10:30 to 12:00. Sign up via this form and receive a link before the start to participate.

Can't make it on June 2? The webinar that follows, and therefore the last one before the start of the rent increase on July 1, is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, 14:00 – 15:30.


Support We Refuse the Rent Increase with a donation! We are now over half of our donation goal! Thanks for this! In order to be able to continue to supplement our promotional material and to keep the rest of the campaign going, we ask you to continue to donate. This is how we fight together for a multi-year rent freeze!

Bond Precaire Woonvormen

The action campaign Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging is partly made possible by the Bond Precaire Woonvormen (BPW)† Do you want to support the fight for lower rents and housing security for everyone? Then become a member of the BPW now!