Newsletter #6

We have passed October 1, a crucial date in our action. Some of you will have successfully refused the rent increase if the landlord has not followed the correct procedure in time, others will have received a registered letter. In any case, we receive messages from all over the country from tenants who have not received a registered letter and have therefore successfully refused the rent increase! - Congratulations!

That tastes like more. We will continue until the policy of raising rents stops for everyone, for at least five years. Also successfully refused this year? Let us know and send an email to

What now?

A webinar is scheduled every Monday in October in which we will talk about the next steps and the Rental Committee. To ask? Sign up!

Tenants who have successfully refused the rent increase sometimes still receive illegal threatening letters and reminders from their landlord. How do you deal with this? You will hear it in one of our webinars. In any case, we recommend that you wait with a response to the landlord, even if the landlord contacts you. We coordinate a joint response and written response time to landlords. After November 1, we will issue a standard letter.

Tenants who have received a registered letter can approach the Rent Assessment Committee to have it decide on the legality and reasonableness of the proposed rent increase. Do you have questions about this? Register for one of the webinars.

  • Monday 24 October, 20:00
  • Monday 31 October, 20:00

Can't attend, but still want to know more? Ask in your local solidarity group or email us

Press ahead for the 2023 refusal action

With the passing of May 1, July 1 and October 1, the most important dates of the 2022 refusal action have passed, and are therefore largely at an end. That is why we have already started preparations for the refusal action of 2023! With historic inflation and rising poverty, more needed than ever! You can register for this via the registration form on the website.

We want to expand our campaign considerably in the coming year. We have already achieved success this year with a large group of refusers and have sharpened the discussion surrounding the annual rent increase. In order to refuse the rent increase with even more tenants next year, we will continue to organize residents, and we need your help with that! Want to read more about our working method, organizing residents and what you can do yourself? Read about it on our website.

Get active!

We Refuse the Rent Increase is an action for tenants, by tenants. That means that you too can contribute to our campaign! An ever-growing group of volunteers thinks and participates in various tasks within our action group. For example, local solidarity networks are being set up in which various tasks can be fulfilled as a contact person, press officer and resident support worker. But the national action group is also looking for enthusiastic volunteers who would like to contribute ideas or work on the implementation of our campaign, social media, administration, technology or writing newsletters and news articles.

Are you interested? Sign up at and come to the action meeting on 25 October! 

Action meeting 25 October

On October 25, we will hold a new action meeting in which we will discuss our campaign in 2023, how we can involve new active volunteers and what tasks can be fulfilled. This is a follow-up to the previous meeting on August 30. We then presented proposals for what is possible: nationally, provincially and locally. A number of participants have already set themselves up as a (provincial/local) contact person, but we are still looking for people who want to take on local organizing and supporting tasks, of course with guidance from the national organization. By organizing ourselves locally, we distribute the registrations and questions among a larger group of people and those who refuse can be supported more specifically. Many hands make light work! In addition to local and provincial tasks, there are also plenty of tasks to be fulfilled within the national action group. 

Everyone who has indicated that they want to become active will receive an invitation to do so. Also join? Sign up at


Have you already saved money by successfully refusing the rent increase and would you like to reinvest part of it in expanding our campaign, so that next year we can make a joint statement against the rent increase with even more people? Consider donating part of the money saved to our campaign and help more people successfully refuse the rent increase and enforce multi-year rent freezes on politicians and landlords! Donate via the website.

Bond Precaire Woonvormen

The action campaign of Wij Weigeren de Rent Increase is made possible in part by the Bond Precarious Housing Forms. In addition to the fight for lower rents, do you also want to make a case for housing security for everyone and make a sustainable contribution to the wider housing movement? Become a member of the BPW now!