Wij Weigeren de Huurverhoging

About us

The action campaign We Refuse the Rent Increase is a campaign built for and by active tenants, volunteers and activists, who are tired of the years of rent increases and who are demanding multi-year rent freezes, to make and keep housing affordable again. On this page we will go a little deeper into our working method and action method and what you can do as a refusal of the rent increase to make this action a success.


The action method of We Refuse the Rent Increase is intended to give tenants the tools to enforce a multi-year rent freeze, by making use of the legal right to refuse the rent increase. Tenants can individually refuse the rent increase by following the steps in our Step-by-step plan, but our action is mainly based on the collective organization of tenants in solidarity networks who together refuse the rent increase. 

Through self-organization in regional or urban solidarity networks of and for tenants who refuse the rent increase, we can reinforce our demands for multi-year rent freezes on all rents. As an action group, we are practically supported by the Bond Precaire Woonvormen (BPW), an association that has been involved in the collective organization of tenants in solidarity networks for more than 10 years. Together we try to introduce a tradition in tenant land in which tenants make their own demands and reinforce these through direct action: refusing the rent increase. WWDH and BPW are emphatically solidarity initiatives and not customer service. Without solidarity between tenants and struggle from below we will get nowhere. By only registering on our site you are not there yet! The intention is for tenants to get to work themselves and to show initiative to refuse the rent increase together with other tenants.

There are a number of possibilities to actively get started with the action method of We Refuse the Rent Increase. We list them:

Organize a flyer campaign

During the year, but especially during the last quarter before July 1, we aim to inform as many people as possible about our action method. A good way to do this is to organize a flyer promotion in your neighbourhood, town or city. We make free flyers available for this via de Rode Lap. You can of course start flyering alone, but it is much better to organize yourself collectively now, for example by going door-to-door with fellow residents, neighbours, associations or (action) groups. Keep in mind that our promotion is mainly suitable for social tenants, so plan your flyer promotion in a part of the district/city where you can reach these tenants best. Would you like extra help or tips for organizing a collective flyer campaign? You can always contact us mail.

Flyer promotion in Den Bosch

Collectively organized flyer campaigns are also a good time to draw attention to the Refusal of the Rent Increase in the (local) press. For this we have developed a standard press release that can be adapted to local circumstances. Request this from us via the mail.

Local solidarity networks

We receive applications from tenants from all over the country. When a large group of tenants registers from the same region, we will try to connect these tenants with each other and thus set up a local solidarity network. If you have already organized a collective flyer campaign before, this is a good starting point for such a solidarity network, so make sure you maintain contact after a flyer campaign. 

We are currently organizing solidarity networks in local app groups, where refusers can seek support from each other and share any questions or concerns. Information evenings, meetings or flyer campaigns can also be organized with the help of these app groups. It is desirable that one or more people locally show the initiative to set up and maintain such a solidarity network. We can help with that. Then there are different roles to be divided within a group. Think, for example, of a contact person or press spokesperson.

Have you already signed up for our promotion and would you like to set up a solidarity network, or join an existing group? Then take Contact with us. We will connect you to a local contact person.

Information meetings and webinars

Every month we organize online webinars that you can sign up for via the website Sign Up. Here we explain the course of the promotion and you can ask questions. However, an online webinar is not accessible to everyone. If you are active in a solidarity network, a possible next step is to organize a local information meeting. In this way, tenants with more options can ensure that all the necessary knowledge also reaches other local participants. Such an information meeting can be held, for example, in a community centre, community center or a tenants' organisation. Would you like to get started with a local information meeting? Then take again Contact with us.