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The highest rent increase in 30 years is coming in 2024, and most corporations plan to implement the maximum rent increase. This is not the case for many tenants' associations, in times of increasing insecurity. Corporations often do not respond to these concerns, and tenants' associations struggle with the landlord's position of power in rent increase negotiations. The We Refuse the Rent Increase campaign offers opportunities to put extra pressure on the landlord during these negotiations. Tenants' associations, for example, can choose not to agree to the rent increase. If the landlord does not respond, they can call on their members en masse to collectively refuse the rent increase based on our Step-by-Step Plan.

Yet many tenant organizations are not yet aware of the options available to object to the rent increase by refusing it. Even worse, many accept the rent increase without critical questions or any form of resistance. The first benefit therefore lies in informing the tenant organizations. We have made this easy by drawing up a standard letter that you as a tenant can send to your tenant organization. Download our standard letter and adjust the data to your situation. Copy and paste the text into an email or print the letter and send it by post.

Standard letter

Dear tenant organization,

We are heading for the highest rent increase in 30 years. In the past 10 years, rents have already increased by more than 35%. More than 800,000 tenants do not have enough money left over after paying the rent for the necessary costs of living. Nevertheless, many landlords are threatening to implement this maximum rent increase this year. 

The initiative “We refuse the rent increase” wants to encourage you to take action. Our goal is a 5-year rent freeze to make and keep housing affordable again. That starts now.  

You are probably already in discussions with your landlord about the annual rent increase, and you share the concerns that I and many tenants have about the upcoming rent increase. It is always wise to enter this negotiation as strongly as possible and use all the power you can exercise on our behalf. 

I would like to ask you, together with the tenants you represent, to advocate for rent freezes and reductions where possible. During negotiations with the landlord, you can indicate that you are prepared to call on your supporters to take action if your concerns and the concerns of the tenants you represent are not heard.

Would you like to take action to refuse the rent increase together with your tenants? Objecting to the rent increase is a legal right that tenants can exercise. When the action is carried out collectively, it sends a clear signal to the landlord and the rent freeze policy. More and more tenants and tenant organizations are already participating.

I would like to inform you about the possibilities for this collective action that tenants and tenants' associations can carry out together for affordable housing. For more information, visit



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