Preparation for Housing Action Day, action meeting 18 January

08/01/22 – Message taken from the newsletter of Tenant interest South.

Sunday 26 March is Housing Action Day, an annual phenomenon. Actions will then be taken throughout Europe for sufficient affordable, well-maintained homes in liveable neighbourhoods. We also want to organize a large demonstration. To prepare for that demonstration, we are organizing a meeting on January 18 for everyone who wants to be involved in organizing it. Welcome!

We count on a turnout of about 40 people who want to actively and demonstratively stand up for the interests of the (future) tenants from tenants' associations, squatters' movement and so on.

Location: FNV Regional Trade Union House, Derkinderenstraat 2, Amsterdam

 To ensure that the meeting proceeds constructively, we ask you to indicate in advance whether you would like to speak in the first round about the agenda items, requirements, route, speakers and musicians.

 WALK-IN 19.00 


7:45 PM DEMAND demonstration

8:30 p.m. ROUTE


9.30 pm BORREL

END 22.00

The discussion of each item on the agenda takes place in three rounds. In the first round, people who have indicated in advance that they have ideas that require explanation are given the floor. They are given a maximum of 2 minutes to pitch their idea. In the second round, everyone can respond or spontaneously come up with new ideas, and in the final round we form a small club that takes responsibility for the development and implementation of that part.

You can register for a pitch by sending an email to Karin van Huis:

Please provide a short description of your idea, so that we can determine the best possible sequence of speakers.

Please also provide suggestions for requirements, speakers and musicians in advance. Then we can present it on a large sheet.

Can we count on a high turnout? A demonstration only makes sense if it is widely supported and attracts publicity. That requires commitment and creativity.


Jonneke Bekkenkamp, Residents Committee Entrepotdok

Willy Lourenssen, We refuse the rent increase

Roel van der Burg, Bond Precarious Housing

Rik den Braber, Karin van Huis and Jan Leegwater, HuurdersBelangZuid

Boudewijn Rückert, Tenants Association de Pijp

Winfried Jansen op de Haar, Tenants Association Center

Rob Marijnissen and Ellie Pauelsen, FNV Local

Kees Stad, Ru Pare